“BIAK” by Clarisse Pastor-Medina (part 2)


Clarisse continues her exploration of the Filipino identity and heritage through her collection of coffee paintings entitled BIAK. The term comes from “biyak”, a Filipino word that denotes “a split”, “a break”, “being halved” “being divided”, “being separated”, or “being forced apart”.


IMG_8853Tumbang Preh-Sowww






This is the second part of a 2-part series that features Clarisse’s collection of coffee paintings entitled BIAK. View the rest of the series here.


Clarisse Pastor-Medina is always proud to say that she is not art-schooled but is completely “heART-schooled” and that her works come from a place of ardent explorations, not expertise. Her works have been shown in print, online and in art shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles California. Her lifework is a continuous coffee painting series of simple yet thought-provoking and nostalgia-evoking imagery and baybayin, usually paired with poetic musings and writings in the haiku form.

Find out more about Clarisse’s art at:
Facebook: Facebook.com/pinoiserie
Website: clarissepastormedina.com
Instagram: @Pinoiserie


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1 thought on ““BIAK” by Clarisse Pastor-Medina (part 2)”

  1. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Suitcase and Stories! Here’s a little trivia: I call the collection BIAK because that’s how “Biyak” is pronounced in my hometown Batangas (like Bi-Ak). Proud homegrown Batangueña here! Thank you again, Suitcase and Stories!


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