“PACHAMAMA, MY HOME “. . . by Risa Rosello

I have lived in 3 continents. I spent most of my childhood years in the Philippines.  But I have now called Australia home for the last twenty-four years of my life.  I lived in the UK  for two years just so I could travel and see the world.  I have visited many places, ate exotic food, met people from all cultures and all walks of life.  One thing resonates in every single one of us: we live, we breathe, we share the same home — Mother Earth.  I call her Pachamama or Gaia.
We seem to exist in our own little bubble; living in separation, war and strife.  Never fully realizing that we are one, all of us on this planet.  We are brothers and sisters if we trace our history long enough through the ages.  We seem to treat this home, our mother, as a source of infinite resources to pillage and plunder; a garbage bin, a dumpster; to cut her trees down to make way for houses and highways and factories.   At the present time, we are facing the sixth great mass extinction of plants and animals and insects.  Human beings are the cause.

I have suffered from schizophrenia for years.  While taking a walk in the woods one day, I complained to Pachamama that I couldn’t go on anymore.  I was so drained, exhausted, tired, so listless and lifeless of being a lightworker fighting the good fight.  Suddenly something stopped me in my tracks, the wind felt light against my cheeks, a force felt heavy as it enveloped and hugged me while a butterfly encircled around me.  Hallucinations? Maybe.  But I knew it was a spiritual experience wherein Pachamama told me to keep on going no matter what.

As human beings, we are facing our own extinction or devolution by the way things are going.  But on the flip side, if we band together, we can change things for our evolution into better beings.  As Barbara Marx Hubbard calls it, ” Homo Universalis”.
How can we turn things around?  We must collectively awaken.  To our divinity and spirituality.  As Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
We must change our consciousness from looking at each other as enemies and competitors to viewing ourselves as family, living in one home:  Mother Earth.  Even the plants and animals are our family.
We must start respecting our Mother.  To allow her plants and animals to thrive.  To clean up the rubbish left behind in her seas, oceans and lands.  To stop the pollution of air, land and water.  We must stop this attitude of buying and then throwing consumer goods as soon as they are out of fashion or the wrong color.  We must learn to recycle, reuse and reduce usage.

Lastly, we must respect and love ourselves.  It is only through self-love and respect that we realize how beautiful and sacred all forms of life are, including this planet’s and ourselves.
This is truly our one and only home.  Man will never destroy Mother Earth.  Mother Earth will take over man’s discretions, mistakes and lack of understanding of the world.  But it is still a loving and forgiving planet; our life source and our love force.

Risa Rosello is an explorer of both outer and inner worlds. In addition to living in the Philippines, the United Kingdom and Australia, she has traveled to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Egypt, the United States, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Monaco, France, Finland, Holland, Belgium, and New Zealand.

Risa’s travels have influenced her inner spiritual journey. The wisdom she has gained from both journeys are reflected in her writings, her paintings and her photographs. Her ultimate dream is the merging of the two worlds: the creation of heaven on earth.


Original photograph by the author.

Photographic editing and design by VL.

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