Rainbow by Grace Svensson


It has been said that every work of art is a reflection of real life. If this is true, then Grace’s art paints the story of her own personal journey. As a daughter. As a sister. As a mother. As a woman.

A fervent believer that there is always a rainbow after a storm, Grace Svensson’s canvas is a testament to this truth — with every brush stroke an expression of love, pain, triumph, healing and all the brilliant colours in between.

These are her paintings. This is her life.



Life is full of surprises, everything happens at its own time…





My art is inspired by being a woman; being a mother…

Mother and sons




I moved to Sweden for education, I stayed for love…





I paint when I am happy, I paint when I am sad. Every emotion is a fuel for my art…





I am a self-taught artist. I discovered it while in the middle of depression. I have never stopped painting since…





Grace Svensson is a transplant from Las Piñas, Philippines and currently lives in Linköping, Sweden with her family. She taught herself the fine art of painting, leveraging on her former profession as an architect and its focus on lines, shades and shadows. As she continues to grow in her art, she has learned to experiment with various media allowing her to create images that are more striking in their colours. 

She credits painting for helping her out of depression and providing her with relief from stress. But more importantly, she credits her art for teaching her to appreciate herself more.

Find out more about Grace’s art at:
Website: https://greyzieh.portfoliobox.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greyzieh/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/greyziehs/


Content editing by CRU

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