A word from the founders…

Though my journey began seven years ago, as I write this text, I have yet to find out how my story will unfold. All I know is that it has been seven years of highs and lows, small triumphs, great losses, and miles of uneventful moments in between.

My story is not unlike any other immigrant story. It is no more special, yet no less unique either. The reason and consequences for leaving my birth country may differ from another person’s, but the road to that time and place when you can finally call your new place “home” almost always follows a similar path. 

Through SUITCASE & STORIES let all of us, life travelers, share in the journey.

C e l e s t e

My journey, which began at sixteen years of age, has spanned two countries, three states, eight towns, and nineteen houses.  Each move brought adventures and difficulties, excitement and sadness, love and loss.  Each move was a discovery of not just my outer world, but my inner world as well.  Move by move peeled layer by layer of what I thought I was.  Each layer peeled has brought me closer to who I am now.

May SUITCASE & STORIES  help you peel each layer as you discover the treasures in your outer and inner worlds as you travel in this collective journey we call LIFE.

V i c t o r i a